Wrestling With Python 3

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I recently received my Subject Knowledge Audit from the University of Nottingham. Ughh. Kill me now. The SKA is essentially a list of topics within Computer Science that the university will assume you have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach. If there are any outlying areas that need further development, then you are given…

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Five Reasons Why I Want To Become a Teacher

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Another year, another blog post. Or least that is the impression that I would be giving to anyone who has the fortunate pleasure of stumbling upon my blog. The focal point of this particular blog post? Five reasons as to why I want to become a teacher. I am secretly banking on the fact that this…

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Brayshaw Athletic – The Adventure Continues

I believe it was Aesop who once said that a adventure is worthwhile , and so it is. Last week saw Brayshaw Athletic getting relegated down to the League B. Despite only playing 2 games for them, I am disappointed to say the least. Our next game is in around 19 hours, and I probably…

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