New Social Networking Site For Those With Mental Health Issues

Over the summer, I decided to do something a little different.

Along with one of my friends at university, I decided to create a social networking website,, aimed specifically at serving those who are suffering from a mental illness. Our main goal is to prevent the social isolation caused by the stigma of suffering from a mental illness and the effects of the disorder itself. We aim to provide members with the opportunity of liaising with one another, offering support, forming friendships or romantic relationships, if desired. We believe that we are the first website of its kind in this country to provide this type of social platform, one which is a fusion of social networking, online dating and most importantly, peer support.

Membership to our website is entirely free for its users, since our objective is not profit motivated, it is primarily to raise awareness for those that have been diagnosed with similar illnesses/disorders, and make them aware that they are not alone and that there are similar people like them.
The members currently signed up use it regularly and the positive effects it is having on its users are clear to see.

Ever since we got in touch with numerous mental health organisations across the country as well as Stephen Fry’s head office and he decided to endorse the website, our user base has been steadily growing. However, seeing as how my third year of university is starting soon, I may have to resort to transferring the website to someone else’s name or removing the website completely.

At the time of writing this blog post, the website is currently up and members are still actively using it. If you know of anyone who suffers from any form of mental health issues, be they temporary or long term, then feel free to point them in our website’s general direction!

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