My Review of Wrestlemania 28

Yes, you guys read that right.

But first of all, I would just like to address the reason as to why I have not not been blogging. Laziness, and a week long fever.

Now the original plan was to right about everything that I had done in the last month, from signing up and making my debut for Brayshaw Athletic, all the way to ranting about the Three Thing Game event, laughing at Liverpool’s current form and maybe even giving a shout out to Matt wishing him a happy birthday, but honestly, that’s going to take way too much time, so instead, I shall be writing about something that I had not experience properly for a very, very long time, Wrestlemania.

And just for the record, before I actually begin typing up the next few paragraphs, yes I know, wrestling is scripted. But so are movies, you don’t see everyone complaining about how that would never happen in real life every single time the camera switches to another scene. I do not need to justify my reasoning for why I watched Wrestlemania, I grew up watching The Rock, and anyone who didn’t, well that’s your loss.

Right, well as Wrestlemanias go, this one started off rather well, with lots and lots of fireworks and a pretty impressive performance of €œAmerica the Beautiful€ by Lillian Garcia, a pretty fitting way to kick off The Show of Shows in Miami. What I thought was especially well thought on WWE’s part was the fact that they had opted to host the event in an open stage stadium, which added a unique touch and feeling to the whole experience of watching it from home. I can only imagine what the atmosphere was like at the Sun Life Stadium in Florida, but judging from my bed and Twitter, it seemed as if everyone was tuned in, it was as if the entirety of Twitter had turned on Sky Box Office just to see The Great One once more.

Fun fact, before I forget, after the main event which consisted of John Cena v The Rock, every single trending tropic worldwide was Wrestlemania related. I don’t know often that happens, but it sure as hell was a great feeling reading through each of them, instead of skipping over each and everyone of the topics due to it being Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber related.

The bell rings to start the first match of WrestleMania :
As for the wrestling, well to be honest after sitting through at least 5 minutes worth of commercials and hype surrounding the match for the World Heavyweight Championship, I was disappointed. I mean here we have Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior, and Daniel Bryan, two extremely talented wrestlers who have been feuding for quite some time now after Sheamus won the Royal Rumble back in January 2012, and I was honestly hoping for an exciting, proper wrestling match. But nooooo! Instead all I got was a mere 18 seconds. That’s right, the bell rings, Daniel Bryan goes over to give AJ Lee a kiss, you know, the girl who is meant to be his on screen girlfriend, anyways, he gives her a kiss, turns around, gets kicked in the face and Sheamus goes for the pin. 1. 2. 3. And that’s it. Now I was extremely disappointed with that, I’m trying to refrain from cursing here at the moment, but what annoys me is the pointless segment later on, and as to why on Earth a group of midgets shaking their backsides got more airtime than a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. You do not let a guy win the Royal Rumble and only give him 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, but give a group of bid assed midgets as many minutes as they want. It’s just downright stupid. Moving on:

The next match on the cards was Kane vs. Randy Orton, and at this stage in time I honestly expected a great wrestling match, but I just felt that this match would not deliver due to the fact that this match did not have no real heat pre-Wrestlemania and it was not really hyped up that well at all. Boy was I proven wrong, this bout has to be among one of the top of the night, hats off to the WWE Creative Team. What I initially thought would just be a filler match, and so did the crowd, chanting €œDaniel Bryan€ during the start of the of match showing their displeasure at the previous result, turned out to be proven wrong. It was a solid back and forth match, and in terms of flashy moves, it might not have rated that highly, but if we are talking technical wrestling, then this was a good example of it. I seem to remember Kane €œflying€ towards Randy Orton, before Orton delivered a dropkick, which was perfectly executed, one would have thought that it was real! This match finished with Kane chokeslamming Randy Orton from the second row, which was probably the biggest highlight of the day, due to the amazing execution of it all. It is not exactly masked Kane, but I can’t say that I was disappointed with that match, and although I recall it being less than 10 minutes long, it sure as hell made for good entertainment.

Right, what was next. Oh yes the Intercontinental Championship match, Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes. Now I have always had a lot of respect for the Big Show, a man who has been entertaining me for over a decade now. This match wasn’t exactly Wrestlemania standard in my opinion, and if I remember correctly it only ran for around 5 minutes, but nevertheless, it was watchable. The main reason for this match was due to the fact that during the start of 2012, Cody Rhodes started mocking the Big Show, and describing him as the €œreverse Undertaker€ of Wrestlemania. The Big Show’s record at Wrestlemania was 3-8, compared to The Undertaker’s 19-0, as well as mocking his ridiculous matches at Wrestlemania, which involved a Sumo match against Akebono at Wrestlemania 21 and a NO DQ match against Floyd Mayweather, and getting under his rather large nose, a match was setup between the two of them to face at Wrestlemania. The actual match itself was extremely fast paced, especially considering the fact that it involved the Big Show, which ended with the Big Show hitting an absolute beast of a spear to knock the wind out of Cody Rhodes and go for the cover. Despite acting as an over sized jobber for a large proportion of his wrestling career, it was pretty evident that winning the Intercontinental Championship meant a lot to him, and to be honest, he deserved it.

Next was the diva tag team match which resulted in Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos defeating Beth Phoenix and Eve. Honestly, this was just pointless. I’m not even going to go into it, it was more of a toilet break opportunity. What I can say is that Kelly Kelly might look good, but she just isn’t being pushed right. She just doesn’t seem to fit the diva role, and she’s not the only one, but it is really hurting the image of the women’s wrestling division.

Now where was I. Oh yes, Triple H vs. The Undertaker. This was probably the match of the night for me, so brace yourself reader, you might be in for quite a long paragraph. This basis for this match was that The Undertaker challenged Triple H to a rematch due to him being dissattisifed with the way things went during the previous year at Wrestlemania 27 and he didn’t want that to be the image that was worthy enough for the fans to remember, should his streak finally come to an end at this year’s Wrestlemania, and it would give Triple H immortality, as he would be the one to end The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, should he win. Despite this oppurtinity, Triple H refused the offer, and only after belittling Triple H and convincing Shawn Michaels to act as a Special Referee did everyone come to an agreement regarding this match, which was set to be a Hell in a Cell match. The match was billed as an €œend of an era€ match, and boy did it do just that! Just before I go into the actual match, let me just say that the enterances were awesome! The Undertaker looked like an utter boss walking towards the ring in his armour/leather jack/thing, and the whole new haircut just showed how much this match actually meant to him, as he has always been pictured with his long hair. The match itself could only be described as war-like. For a pair of men who are both into their 40s, this match was way beyond what anybody had expected. It was a pure back and forth match with each man beating down the other with or without the assistance of a particular steal chair. But regardless of Shawn Michaels interfering, The Undertaker repeatedly told him to keep the match going, and it was this that inevitably cost Triple H the match, leading to The Undertaker finishing it off with a tombstone. Honestly, I got about halfway through this paragraph before I just felt that this was a match worth watching, rather than describing, as it really did roll back the years. Watching all three men show respect to each other at the end of the match was just heart warming, but it might also be the final time we ever see any of them in a wrestling ring again. It was without a doubt one of the best wrestling matches that I have ever witnessed, and at times I felt like a 10 year old again, screaming at the screen, urging both men to get up.

Next up was the Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match, and being honest, I don’t really know what to say about this. It was a 14 man tag match, and I never really followed the story line, despite all the hype. It was a good match for what it was worth and there definitely were quite a few jaw dropping moments, but I just felt that for someone like me who was only watching this event as a one of thing, it didn’t do me much good, but no harm was done. I do not want to comment on how this match would affect future storylines, although I do know that it opens up various opportunities from what I was reading on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe I will finish off this paragraph sometime in the future if I actually decide to get back into watching WWE on a regular basis.

Finally, back to writing about something that I actually watched, and completely enjoyed, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho. I do not think that there is any wrestling fan who was not looking forward to this match. Two of the best wrestlers in the industry at the moment who are both on top of their games doing what they do best, and the winner would be able to walk away with the WWE Championship, unless if CM Punk was disqualified, then he would automatically lose his championship, that was the added stipulation going into this match. The match didn’t exactly start off at the pace of Rey Mysterio fighting in a cruiserweight match, but quite the opposite. It was started off as more of a technical match that gradually gained momentum as the minutes went by, and before long suplexes were being performed off the apron, dropkicks were being dropped and €œthis is awesome€ chants were being chanted. Come into the final few minutes of the match and it was as if both Y2J and CM Punk were on steroids! Both men were trying to perform their submissions/finishers one after the other, and literally every grapple imaginable was being performed and reversed, but it was Punk who finally ended up latching in his final Anaconda Vise to successfully get Jericho to tap out, and him remaining the WWE Champion. It was pure wrestling at its finest.

Once in a lifetime. That is what the final match of the night was billed as, and it was nothing short of it. It literally was a dream match, a match that fans could only dream of seeing, but the difference here was that it wasn’t a dream, it actually happened. To say that this match did not live up to the hype surrounding it would be like saying that I am a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. Whoa, I need to make a mental note to never type a sentence like that again. Right, onto the match. Well before the actual match, there were two performances from Machine Gun Kelly, Skylar Grey and Flo Rida, and although I am not a huge fan of these artists, it definitely got the crowd going and built a real atmosphere around the stadium, but staying on track, the match. The match wasn’t the best of the night, but in terms of a dream match it was perfect, simply because fans were given the pleasure of watching two men who both claim to be the greatest of all time giving it all in the ring. Cena hit numerous Attitude Adjustments, if that is what they are now called, whereas The Rock was able to pull off two Rock Bottoms and the People’s Elbow. It became pretty clear that neither man was going to back down, both men had their reputation on the line and neither was going to give in, it truly was a battle of legends. What finally did result in this match being brought to an end was Cena displaying a side of his character that we, as fans, have not really seen that often. Cena thought that seeing as his own finishers were not working, it would be wise to try to pull off the People’s Elbow on the People’s Champion. So, arm band thrown into the crowd and Cena runs to the ropes getting ready to perform a People’s Elbow, but when the turns around he is met by a Rock Bottom that sends the crowd wild. 1. 2. 3. And the People’s Champion reigned supreme once again, kicking the fruity pebbles out of John Cena, (+1 life point for making a reference to fruit pebbles). It was a perfect ending to a perfect night.
Overall, seeing as how I had not kept up with wrestling that much since the last few years, and even less since I have been at university, it is fair to say that Wrestlemania 28 exceeded my expectations. It is exactly what I hoped it would be, pure awesomeness, just how it was all those years ago.
P.S. I’m back in Derby over Easter, just thought that I’d give you a heads up stalker friend, in case you were getting worried. Stalker friend is another topic for another day, it’s getting late and I need some sleep.

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