It Is Over, For Now…

There are two reasons for me making a blog post today, during my Christmas break. The first reason being the fact that apparently the world is going to end, and me  being myself, I promised myself that I would make a blog post before the end of the year. The second reason is pretty obvious and self explanatory, not just for myself, but for everyone who has their own blog, if you are going to have a blog, then you have got to keep it updated. Maintaining a blog is a lot like keeping a pet. It requires constant, consistent nurturing and left unchecked, it might make a mess on your carpet. Just as you can’t keep a pet alive by feeding it a lot for three days then ignoring it for a month, your blog can’t survive without regular attention.

So, what is new in my world you might ask. Well, simply put, a lot. Since my last blog post, which around a month and a half ago, I have witnessed Tottenham Hotspur get thrased, which I just had to mention. I have moved houses, again, this time from Cranbrook Avenue a nice en-suite room at Taylor Court, I am not complaining. As well as that, I managed to power through several pieces of coursework, some more easily than others, which is what the title of this blog post is referencing. Honestly, this first semester of my second year at the University of Hull has just been awesome, I admit I did treat myself like I was a fresher most of the time. Each one, teach one, as the saying goes. You never stop learning or meeting new people at university as long as you put the effort in, even my new housemates are awesome, which was surprising. It truly does feel like I am at The Lawns again, getting woken up by cleaners everyday, but enough of that…

I am currently spending my Christmas holidays doing 3 things.

  1. Developing a greater interest in the Raspberry Pi with each passing day.
  2. Playing FIFA 13 trying to get better than my 13 year-old brother.
  3. Revising for my January exams.

Exciting? No. Important? Somewhat. As the days pass, my priorities will end up sorting themselves out. There is no real need to drag this blog post out to over 1000+ words. Although pressing the “+” key has become a pain, ever since I decided to clean my keyboard with a vacuum cleaner and ended up vacuuming the “+” key. How I am able to program is beyond me.

My mindset will be pretty simplistic over the Christmas break. Wishing anyone and everyone who reads this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, until the next blog post…

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